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ニュージーランドで薔薇 2 Crepuscule 黄昏という名の薔薇

クレプスキュル Crepuscule - by Francis Dubreuil (France, Lyon 1904) Early Hybrid modern rose

Cecil Bruner を作った薔薇職人もリヨン出身のフランス人だったけれど、この薔薇職人もリヨン出身。リヨンは絹工場が発達した土地、義理の曾祖父の家も代々絹工場をもっていました。Dubreuil も最初はテイラーとして働いていたが、その後腹職人に転職したそうです。
彼の孫が、Francis Meilland, wife of Antoine (Papa) Meilland. 有名な薔薇職人だそうです。


The French breeder Joseph Pernet-Ducher initiated the first class of roses to include genes from the old Austrian briar rose (Rosa foetida) with his 1900 introduction of 'Soleil d'Or.'[4] This resulted in an entirely new colour range for roses: shades of deep yellow, apricot, copper, orange, true scarlet, yellow bicolours, lavender, gray, and even brown were now possible. Originally considered a separate class, the Pernetianas or Hybrid Foetidas were officially merged into the Hybrid Teas in 1930. The new colour range did much to increase hybrid tea popularity in the 20th century, but these colours came at a price: Rosa foetida also passed on a tendency toward disease-susceptibility, scentless blooms, and an intolerance of pruning to its descendants.

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Apricot or apricot blend Noisette.
Registration name: Crépuscule
Bred by Francis Dubreuil (France, 1904).
Noisette, Tea Noisette.  
Apricot or apricot blend, ages to deep yellow .  Strong, sweet fragrance.  Semi-double to double, cluster-flowered, in small clusters bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.  
Tall, bushy, climbing, well-branched.
Height of 6' to 12' (185 to 365 cm).  Width of 5' to 10' (150 to 305 cm).

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