Monday, 30 March 2015


造園作業続行。植える花、植物を選びます。最初は沢山植えてまず形をつくってそれから薔薇などの好きで目立つ花を植える、というのが彼のやり方です。色々と写真をみながら、発注する植木が決まりました。まずは、ヘッジから。Teucrium 40, lavender 15, choisya 6, star jasmine 4, etc...mass planting.

Teucrium テウクリウム・フルティカンス  シソ科ニガクサ属
   学名 Teucrium fruticans

We had another fruitful discussion with our landscaper. He suggests plants that work in Wellington

On drive way - pyracantha & ivy leaf geranium is his suggestion. We have Pyracantha & a climbing rose but the spiky thorn makes difficult to maintain the garden - so why not to replace the rose by the  ivy leaf geranium.

Hermerocallis or daylily - in the lower flower bed with Renga-renga. He likes the form created by foliage next to the Renga-renga.

I did not know that the carpet rose is a brand - patented worldwide - this is why it is expensive, according to my landscaper. We have 4 of white ones in the driveway which we may move to the backyard.

Metrosideros carminea - climbing Rata While in South island trip last month, we saw beautiful Christmas tree called Rata. We loved them but this is kind of experimental in Wellington ...


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