Friday, 12 September 2014




The result is both contemporary and entirely harmonious with its surroundings, with the skilful use of anthracite and white on the exterior façade continuing into the interior.

 a classic combination of satin-finish white and high-gloss black to create a modern but welcoming ambience. 

Ti grey was chosen because it gives warmth without being as harsh as black, while the contrasting polar white gives the entire space a clean, spacious ambience. 

It was fun to think over a final touch for a kitchen design. I've always wanted to have a white kitchen so all the wall units/hob area will be white mirror finish but thought of a mat black colour for the island. Black mat/satin would be elegant and discrete but with a a strong designer's recommendation, we decided to go for a mirror finish. Black is neutral so it will go with red, grey, white, orange, blue, all what we have from other furnitures.

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